While we are confident that our research products, developed from our constantly evolving topic funnel, address the most relevant and current issues in the fixed line and wireless domain, we also understand that a lot of our clients have specific problems and challenges that need a more customized approach in order to arrive at the most suitable resolution. We thus offer customized research services that, as the name suggests, can be comprehensively customized to suit the client requirement and the problem at hand. Needless to say, the scope of the project should be in line with our core competency and focus area of telco landscape.

Our Customized Research offering can be broadly classified into the following sub categories:


Terminus has a highly skilled team of qualitative researchers that conduct in depth interviews of senior management in order to create a greater depth in understanding of issues and challenges at hand or developments in the telecommunications landscape.

Case Study:
Working closely with leading telcos Terminus has conducted interviews with senior management amongst vendors and potential partners in the telecommunication landscape in order to provide clients with a more holistic approach towards problem solving. Approached by a broadband provider to conduct a survey amongst senior management of businesses in order to qualitatively understand satisfaction levels, Terminus provided the client with in depth findings based on interviews with CTOs and CIOs.


Utilizing internet ready databases Terminus conducts surveys amongst respondents of various profiles.

Case Study:
A client approached Terminus to better understand the profile of users that were buying into competing telco services. Utilizing our proprietary databases and in partnership with a leading online research portal, Terminus conducted a survey amongst 5000 potential users of the client’s service and gained valuable insights into purchase considerations and shopping habits that were leading them to competitor services. Based on the findings of this study, our client revamped their distribution and marketing plans, which subsequently led to a growth of over 4% in market share within 6 months.

Desk Research

Analysts at Terminus are provided with access to over 50 paid databases as well as a repository of in house information across topics covering the telecom world. Our Analysts are highly skilled and trained to conduct research on all subjects that may have a direct or indirect impact on our clients’ businesses.

Competitive Mapping & Benchmarking

Case Study:
Terminus was asked to provide a new entrant service provider, based in South East Asia, a map of the competitive environment under which they were about to launch. Utilizing proprietary databases and forecasting tools, Terminus presented the client with a complete map of competitive financial performances and KPIs benchmarked with regional industry standards as well as existing pricing structures and service strategies. This detailed analysis of findings and benchmarking allowed the client to adapt to potential incumbent movements to counteract new entrants. The client was successful in acquiring a market share of 9% within 16 months of its launch.

Forecasting Models

Clients use Terminus’s forecasting models on a regular basis to track growth and movement of competitors as well as impacts of new technology. Mapped against 30 data points, Terminus's forecasting models are one of the most robust in the research industry.

Bespoke White Paper

Utilizing our research infrastructure Terminus can authoritatively develop bespoke white papers to help our clients gain an independent and comprehensive perspective over relevant developments in the telecommunications space that directly or indirectly have an impact on their businesses.

Case Study:
Approached by a Telco to create an in depth report on strategies to monetize the opportunities created in the wake of WIMAX deployment in their market of operations. Armed with our findings, our client is in the process of executing the various strategies recommended and is confident that these new opportunities would form a considerable source of revenue in the future.

Database Management

Clients use Terminus's forecasting models on a regular basis to track growth and movement of competitors as well as impacts of new technology. Mapped against 30 data points, Terminus's forecasting models are one of the most robust in the research industry.

  • Data Cleansing
  • Updating of Existing Databases
  • Creation of New Databases
  • Constant Market Monitoring
  • Advise on Database Structure and Maintenance

Using our research infrastructure we can also develop tailored newsletters on a frequency desired by our clients. The content of these periodicals would not be limited to just providing latest key developments assimilated from a variety of resources. We would also include our analysis of how the developments could affect the business of our clients. Some of the topics could include:

  • Current and emerging potential partnerships between players in the telecommunications eco-system
  • News on M&A activity within the industry
  • Changes within the regulatory environment
  • Emergence of new market entrants
  • Financial reporting of key players in the industry