Quite simply, we guarantee brilliance in the quality of research we conduct. Our aim is to not only meet but significantly exceed our clients’ expectations. We execute every project with the same zeal and enthusiasm, viewing all our transactions and dealings through the lens of our core values. Through our syndicated research products and customized research services we continue to help our reports users and clients, achieve significant savings in terms of cost, time and resources.

Our ability to provide the level of services that we do in the telecommunications domain lies essentially in the quality of research infrastructure that we have developed over the years and continue to maintain. The cornerstone of this research infrastructure is undoubtedly our strong team of talented and experienced research analysts, field agents, chief editors and report writers. Some of the resources that this team utilizes to conduct research include:
  • Access to proprietary databases and subscriptions to over 40 global online databases to formulate and support insights, recommendations and hypotheses
  • Subscriptions to several online journals and news sources/feeds in order to keep abreast with market information and developments
  • And many more...!
The research activities that the team employs to execute projects include:
  • Studying various white papers, association news, journals, operator annual reports, public papers and publications etc.
  • Attending conferences, industry seminars etc.
  • Conducting surveys and in depth interviews
  • Monitoring telecom regulators and relevant associations
  • Maintaining alliances with leading experts and consultants whose extensive expertise and knowledge are leveraged to continuously evolve the research topic lists and provide solutions to our clients’ needs.