TERMINUS Research is a premium provider of cutting edge syndicated and customized research services. TERMINUS was founded in 2004 with the aim of specifically catering to the research needs of new and existing telecommunication providers worldwide. Thus, true to our vision, our analysts have consistently developed and delivered reports that answer some of the most pertinent questions confronting the telecommunication industries in over 50 countries across the globe.

Founded by former directors from leading consulting firms across the globe, TERMINUS RESEARCH has an ever growing presence in the Asia Pacific region and is gradually expanding its offices to Europe and North Africa as well. With an operations base in India and offices across Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia TERMINUS is able to tap into a knowledge base of consultants from across the globe answering questions that help telecom companies exploit emerging growth trends or protect their businesses in an ever volatile and evolving landscape.

We aspire to be regarded as the foremost provider of business research and intelligence to the constituents of the telecom services eco-system. We aim to achieve this vision by providing research that is reliable, original, accurate, and that helps our clients in taking critical decisions and formulating strategies to maintain and increase their profitability as well as market share in their respective regions of operations throughout the world.